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Desktop clear acrylic safety screens are perfect for offices, banks, doctors’ surgeries, shops, dentists, hospitals and any busy public space. Made from 6mm clear acrylic Perspex these straightforward and discreet transparent barriers make ideal containment units.  They are suitable for any location that requires face-to-face interactions. Most viruses are spread through droplets in the air from coughs and sneezes so you can help to mitigate this risk by installing Perspex shields. We offer a full range of transparent Perspex screens with or without cut outs suitable for nail salons of cashiers.  All our screens are durable and easy to clean.

Fixed Acrylic Safety Screens (including Cut Out)

  • Desk  & Screen Sizing

    700mm Desk - 695mm x 715mm  with 2 brackets

    800mm Desk - 795mm x 715mm with 2 brackets

    900mm Desk - 895mm x 715mm with 2 brackets

    1000mm Desk - 995mm x 715mm with 2 brackets

    1200mm Desk - 1195mm x 715mm with 2 brackets

    1400mm Desk - 1395mm x 715mm with 3 brackets

    1600mm Desk - 1595mm x 715mm with 3 brackets



  • Bespoke Sportwear

    As these products are bespoke and made to order just for you/your team, we can only accept returns in the event of a manufacturing error.