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Up To 5 Units 

Our stand alone hand sanitiser unit has an automatic dispenser which offers  a more hygienic process to standard manual versions. This is perfect for doctors waiting room schools or any situation where you have vunerable individuals.

Simply position your hands beneath the unit, the sensor will recognise movement and dispense the sanitising gel or liquid.

The stand can be branded as required and the dispenser has a 1 litre capacity and can be either mains powered or 4 x AA batteries. 

If you are ordering more than five units please selectemail us at for bulk discounts.


Hand Sanitiser

  • Screen Sizing

    380mm wide x 480mm deep x 1500mm high

    weight 20kg excluding despencer. 


  • Bespoke Sportwear

    As these products are bespoke and made to order just for you/your team, we can only accept returns in the event of a manufacturing error. 

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