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When you ordering a kit from the bespoke range each kit consists of:- 


For Adult kits there is a minimum of 14  one being the goalkeeper

For Junior Kits there is a minumum of 12 one being the goalkeeper

Kit One

SKU: 0001
  • When Ordering your bespoke kit there is a minimum number of kits per order. For every new client the first order is:-

    Senior Team

    14 kits (13 Outfield and one goalkeeper kit)

    Kids Teams - 7  & 9 aside - 

    12 kits (11 Outfield players and one goalkeepers kit ) 





  • Bespoke Sportwear

    As these products are bespoke and made to order just for you/your team, we can only accept returns in the event of a manufacturing error. 

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