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Protect Your, Staff, Customers & Family

Nurse Talking to Patient

Our Covid Free environment

- Office Space

- Schools

- Colleges

- Home

- Cars/Taxi - solution coming soon! 



Kills 99.999% of pathogens, including covid family.

The safe way to sanitise your workplace, School, college or home!

Smartmister will sanitises all surfaces including soft Funriture, carpets curtains.

Come into a safe, sanitised space that is protected for up to 14 hours.

Get in touch today, to see how we can help protect your workplace, staff and customers.

Introducing the Smartmister sanitiser. This proven sanitising solution has the power to prevent and control infections wherever risk occurs; in hospitals, care homes, offices using safe organic HOCI and SmartMister.

What is a SmartMister

The SmartMister is a device that can operate overnight saturating your workplace with an organic HOCI mist containing hypochlorous acid (HOCI) and effectively sanitises up to 50m2, safely disinfecting every surface the mist touches, including light fittings, workspaces, behind cupboards and other hard-to-reach areas, killing 99.9999% of bacteria spores and viruses in compliance with NHS recommendations and EU regulations.

HOCI is the most effective disinfectant agent available and is completely safe for use and is kind to skin and the environment, used for more than 100 years.

What businesses can use the SmartMister

Every indoor business that has multiple staff or products that need handling would benefit from this solution, including; offices, warehouses, food production, clinics, retail, nurseries and schools; and much more. We are currently in the process of developing a car, commercial vehicle solution which will be available soon. 

Smart solution

Your Smartmister can be operated in different ways.

- It can be linked at home to your Alexa

- Set via the front of the unit

- Set via your phone or tablet via our app

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Your Smartmister  complies with the following:-

EU-directive 1999/45/EC EU528/2012

BSEN 1276, 13704

Regulations to meet sanitation requirements.

BSEN 13704 image.png
Organic HOCI.png
EU_directive 1999.png
How does it work?

The SmartMister, sanitising unit converts HOCI to a gas, warms it until it’s thinner and lighter than the air in the room so the air itself distributes to all areas. The (HOCI) hypochlorous acid, which occurs naturally in the human body, kills and sanitises on contact with any soft or hard surfaces like doors, walls, work surfaces carpets, or curtains. The solution HOCl is made through an electro-dialysis (ED) process, using salt and water, no chemicals are used. The solution is non-toxic and non-hazardous which is safe for human contact and the environment. It is also safe to use in food preparation areas and on clothing and packaging.

Can you Actually prove it works?

Yes! We can provide a test method to prove this device will sanitise a room to EU regulatory standards and work well on all surfaces, even carpets that are known to house the most bacteria and viruses. The hypochlorous acid that is used inside the device has been tried and tested, passing EU Regulations to be able to kill 99.9999% of bacteria spores and viruses, including the coronavirus family, with an ATP Lab test to verify your data logging.

The SmartMister

Please watch the video and let Ray explain how the SmartMister works.

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